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About Us

The merger on June 1, 2016 of 360 Wealth Management Partners and Furney Financial resulted in the creation of a new team with almost 60 years of experience and a committed focus on building a financial planning firm that is flexible, responsive, and people centered. For us, this business is not about numbers and rates of return, it is about needs and hopes of individuals and families. We strive to help our clients identify their goals and then move toward pursuing them. The focus is first on the process of planning - what you want, when you want it, and what might be in the way of getting there. Only when we have a good understanding of the objectives, do we look for products and financial pathways to fit those objectives.

There is no minimum investment or net worth and there is no need too small. Our perfect client is one who wants our help to navigate through the confusion and noise of today's financial environment and who is willing to invest the time and effort necessary to develop a partnership with us. With an educational approach, we help guide our clients through the challenges of accumulating and distributing wealth. We see monitoring and continual adjustment as essential aspects of long term planning and long term relationships. At 360 Wealth Management Partners and affiliate Furney Financial, we want to be the source for advice you can trust and the firm to which you confidently refer your friends and family.

If you have any questions please reach out!